Services Overview

Leave behind your days of laundry hassles. Our new standard of fabric care with international technology, organized, tracked & dependable array of services world-class quality makes us India’s largest & most preferred dry cleaning chain.


Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is a process of cleaning garments using organic solvents. It provides shape permanence and high finish to the garment. In dry cleaning process the risk of discoloration is negligible. Wardrobe uses world’s best imported dry cleaning machines – ‘ITALCLEAN’ & ‘UNION’ using organic solvent PERC and no MTO. Our complete dry cleaning process leads to an odorless garment, making it look as good as new.


steam Wash

Wardrobe also provides wet cleaning facility required for several garments with use of 100% RO water, high quality wash solvents and additives to give your clothes the fresh look they deserve. The washer extractors are from MILNOR which is the best make of washing machines. The best laundering techniques and professional handling of garments replenishes the life of your linen and clothes.

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Our commitment to steam washer dryer and finishing equipment ensure several benefits and the real reason why we call our wash Steriwash. Steam enables the removal of nastiest stains and dirt because it increases the temperature of the washer causing the fibers to relax and absorb water more efficiently. It assists in quick dissolution of the detergent and the high temperatures assure a hypoallergenic wash.

Also, it’s an ecofriendly solution because the availability of steam reduces the requirement of water to do the same job.



Rips and holes in your clothes are now a thing of the past. With Wardrobe’s Darning process you can renew the garment life.



Nobody understands carpets and rugs better than Wardrobe when it comes to dry cleaning them. Our expertise ensures that your carpets and rugs restore their original shine and are hygienically cleaned.